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About Novigrad…

Novigrad is located on the western coast of Istria. With its location, and proximity to nearby countries Slovenia, Italy and Austria, it’s the ideal place for nautical tourism lovers.

The area where Novigrad lies today was already inhabited in ancient times, as evidenced by numerous monuments and archaeological sites. In written documents Novigrad is mentioned under various names; originally as Neapolis in the 7th century, or Civitas Nova in the 9th century, and in the 12th century church sources is mentioned as Emona or Emonia. The Old town is located on an island which was connected with the mainland in the 18th century. The well-preserved city walls that embrace and preserve all the rich history of this city, its valuable cultural heritage and tradition, are the most interesting symbol of the city. Novigrad is the city with one of the cleanest seas in this part of the Mediterranean. The riviera of Novigrad stretches from Dajla to the confluence of the river Mirna and is characterized by a rugged, low and accessible coast with rocky and sandy beaches. Novigrad has the charm of a quiet fishing town that is tightly connected to its residents that regularly gather in the Mandrač bay. The bay acts as a small fishing harbor for local boats and fish trading.


This is the setting in which our company NAUTICO YACHT SERVICE Novigrad has developed. NAUTICo. YACHT SERVICE Novigrad successfully operates in the nautical business since 1997. It has all the logistics, machinery, techniques and tools to store, transport, lift, repair and maintain vessels and their parts. We have a rich knowledge and experience in the nautical sector. Our services comprise of taking care of your vessel in winter, servicing and transport; we also sell vessels and we are proud to be able to say that we offer whatever is needed to the owners of the vessels and to the owners-to-be.

Our head office is only 2 km away from the Novigrad Marina by the road to Buje. The owners can easily access our premises: their vessels can be brought there by either our or their trailer. In winter, we look after the vessels in a fenced-off area of 5.700 m2 of which 1.200 m2 are covered. NAUTICo. annually services and stores over one-hundred vessels, most of them in the ‘ready to use’ system. While being wintered, the vessels are completely insured and their owners can use electricity and water. We also offer to maintain and tend the vessels, various repair works and hoisting. We can also act as an agent in the second-hand vessels shop. We have cranes with the capacity of 15 t and 10 t and a fork-lift-truck with the capacity of 4 t. The fork-lift-truck can also be used outside our premises. While their vessels are berthed, our clients can park their vehicles (cars and trailers) free of charge in the fenced-off area.

If you wish, we can tend your vessel completely. After you have finished your holidays you hand the vessel over to us and we see to it that it is hoisted from the water, cleaned and prepared for wintering. All you have to do is as follows: a few days before you wish to use your vessel the following year you inform us accordingly and the vessel will be waiting for you berthed, ready for new adventures.

For more information visit our website www.nautico.hr